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Budapest - Michelin Star and Escape Rooms

all seasons in one day 22 °C

Feeling slightly better then yesterday I shot over to the Spar supermarket which is across the road from our hostel and bought a few essentials including breakfast items and an umbrella as it had been raining on and off. We joined a bunch of Koreans at the dining table and devoured our breakfast of strawberries and yogurt.
Today's first port of call was the Hospital in the rock - Nuclear bunker museum (Sziklakórház). Thankfully they had a tour in English which was easy to follow. The hospital in the rock was made in the caves/tunnels underneath the Buda Castle in the 1930's in preparation for the second world war. It was designed to care for 60-70 patients but at one point in the war, during the siege of Budapest, it housed 600 people. There was no food and water at points and sometimes supplies ran out which meant the doctors and nurses had to cut the bandages off dead patients, sterilize them as best they could and reuse them.
In the 60's, with the cold war looming, it was re-purposed into a nuclear bunker that could hold 200 doctors and nurses from the nearby hospital. If a bomb came their way the nurses and doctors had a certain amount of time to get there and would be shut in for some time after which they would be able to don the radiation suits and go out to search for survivors which could be brought back and treated here. They now don't think the museum could withstand a nuclear blast as it is only 18 meters underground. We took a couple of sneaky pictures as photography was technically not allowed. They have wax figurines recreating scenes from the siege in the 40's.
We then headed back over to Pest to try out an escape room. An escape room is basically like playing a computer game but in real life. You start off in one room where you have to find clues and solve puzzles/riddles to unlock more rooms, clues etc which will help you to escape.... kind of like Hugo's house of horrors in real life. We arrived at Locked and the only room not booked till late that night was the hardest room they had. We signed up for the "Secret Lab", stowed our gear in a locker and walked into the challenge room. Nec minnut... the door shut behind us and we were locked in. Once things fell into place it was super exiting unlocking cabinets, boxes, secret doors etc. We got very close to finishing the course in the hour but didn't disarm the bomb in time and.... got blown up with the secret lab. We absolutely loved it and wanted to try another room.

We raced home and prettied up as tonight we were dining at a Michelin Star restaurant called Borkonya WineKitchen. We arrived on time and took our seats at an table outside. The food was incredible!
We were given a basket of bread which included squid ink dyed bread, bread with Carraway seed and almond and raisin bread. They were all delicious!
For entree Louise got pigeon breast and rilette with wild broccoli and apricot puree which was delicious and I got pressed pig ears with cumin seed wafer and beet textures.
For mains Louise got quail breast and chicken breast with colorful mixed carrots and cottage cheese pasta dyed with squid ink... she really struggled with the pasta as it looked like sloppy droppings. 😂 I had pork tenderloin with wild mushrooms and wild boar cheeks. We also tried a few local red wines...
Having found nothing of interest in the desert section we tried out some Hungarian Palinka which is pretty much the same as Italian grappa. Louise got sour cherry and I got plum... however neither one of them had any flavour except lots of alcohol.
With our stomachs contented our minds raced with what to do next and before we knew it we were on our way back to Locked to try another escape room. This time we chose the Surgery room and had an hour to work out the code to exit. It was still fun, but not quite as cool as the secret lab. This room felt a little disjointed and once again... we were at the point of figuring out the code to exit the room when our time expired. You can have up to 5 people in a room to complete it within 1 hour however given that Louise and I figured out different things to one another a nother person would probably helped! Feeling a little jilted we headed home to retire for the night.

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