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Island hop day trip

sunny 27 °C

We headed down to the waterfront to find Toto’s Tour office to start an Island Hop Tour. After purchasing a couple of overpriced hats and some sunscreen we boarded a RIB. Moments later we were barreling across the ocean at full throttle in order to be the first to get to the Blue Cave. The boat felt as though it almost got completely airborne at times as it bounced off the face of the ocean swell and we were thankful that we were sitting at the front of the RIB as the spray from the bigger waves was soaking the people further back.
We arrived at the Blue Cave an hour and 45 minutes later and were the second boat to arrive. We docked, went ashore only to line up for another smaller boat. Our tour guide said that if we had been half an hour later it could take up to two hours of waiting in queues.
With about 10 of us in the smaller boat we putted further round the coast and came across a small opening that really didn’t look big enough for us to go through. We were told to duck when entering so as to not hit our heads. We entered the dark cave and our eyes adjusted to the dark. As we moved further into the cave we could see it begin to illuminate in a beautiful blue light. As you round a corner you can see a hole just underneath the surface which reflects the light from outside into the cave and as the water is blue it lights the cave up in a blueish hue. It looked beautiful.

(Warning: The video is a bit long winded as I haven't got any editing software as yet. Skip to two thirds of the way through)
Having completed this, we hopped back on board our Rib and zoomed over to Stiniva Bay which was listed as the most beautiful bay in Europe last year. The outer section of the bay had several large yachts moored with their occupants sunbathing and relaxing on board. We cruised in to the bay and found it to be rather small with a rocky beach which already seemed overcrowded. As we were pulling out of the bay everybody on the moored yachts started chanting JUMP, JUMP, JUMP. We glanced up and on a ledge about 25 metres up was a woman who looked to be about 50 years of age standing on the edge willing herself to jump whilst her body was transfixed to the spot. A guy who looked to be about 40 walked straight past her and jumped off to the thrill of the onlookers who let out a great cheer. We gave up waiting for her and could see her still standing there even as she became a dot on the horizon. The unfortunate thing for her was that now she was on the ledge there was only one way out and that was to jump!
We then cruised over to green cave which was cool as well. We arrived and had to negotiate our way around several moored sailing boats and swimmers. As we entered the cave we saw a spot of water that was glowing green and looking up found a hole about half a metre wide which was apparently man made. The light coming through the hole then reflected back off the water onto the top of the cave dancing around. There are several theories about why the hole was made but some say the cave was used by sailors to shelter from storms and the hole was made to give more oxygen, and to release the smoke made by their campfires. Another theory was that the military made the hole to put up an antenna. We exited the cave and headed onwards toward the island of Vis which until recently had been a military base with no civilian visitors. It has over 50 kilometres of underground tunnels and was used during the war in the 90’s. We had a wee wander and decided on a local eatery for some pasta and a drink which probably wasn’t the best when travelling by boat… We boarded again and headed toward the blue lagoon, our fourth stop for the day where we had an hour to swim in the Adriatic ocean. We arrived cold from the boat trip and wandered along the beach looking for a good spot to have a swim.
The water… well let’s just say it was icy and it took all of our motivation to get in. We stayed in for a while and when things began to get numb and wrinkly we hopped out and took a gander at the local goats, donkey and sheep the latter of which wanted to ram me but I soon put him in his place!
Having mostly dried off we boarded our rib once again, this time headed to the island of Hvar.
As we entered the harbor we were amazed by the luxury yachts and boats that were entering and exiting the little harbor. As lunch was included in our day trip we followed our guide to a restaurant where we were given a pizza for lunch. We washed this down with a glass of wine and set off exploring. We headed up the hill, up many, many, many steps followed by a weaving path that finally arrived at the fort at the top and I found myself wondering how on earth the backpack I was lugging could be so heavy! We finally made it to the top and walked to the fort entrance to be charged quite a few euros before entering. I was thinking they should be rewarding us with ice cold water for making it up to the top but parted with the cash anyway and these are the views.
After admiring the views and wandering in and out of the many different rooms including the dungeon we headed back down the hill and with 15 minutes up our sleeve before departure we zipped round to the beach and waded in enjoying the briskness of the water temp this time. We made back in time and thankfully no one took the seats we had used on the way here so we had the driest seats for the trip back again. The sea seemed to have settled somewhat so the trip back was smoother then the morning trip out. Just before arriving back I heard the skipper of our rib radio the other two ribs that were with us in Croatian and they came up beside us. No one really thought anything of it and we were completely relaxed. We passed the inter-island car carrier ferry and the ribs suddenly veered to the left crossed the wake of the boats and became fully airborne. Screams emitted from the ladies behind us much to our skipper’s amusement. We arrived into port and headed to our room to ditch the heavy back pack and freshen up.
Having freshened up we headed down to grab a drink in the piazza and again enjoyed the music from the live musician before finally retiring.

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